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Welcome to the FilmForge ! This page is a project overview for the general public. If you're looking for the development page, it's here: FilmForge/ToDo. The installation profile page is at FilmForge/DrupalProfile. The original proposal for the project, focused on our long-term plan to develop Free and Open Source Software browser-based and collaborative video editing tools, is now at FilmForgeOverview. The background page for the Hewlett Foundation is here: FilmForge/BackGround -- SashaCostanzaChock FilmForge has a publicly viewable test install at http://filmforge.koumbit.net.

For developers working on the project, or for those interested in looking under the hood, there is a list of To Do items and development notes here: http://wiki.koumbit.net/FilmForge/ToDo.

For those who want to help maintain the FilmForge drupal installation profile, it lives here: FilmForge/DrupalProfile.

Current Functionality

This list was seeded from http://plumi.org (thanks, http://engagemedia.org !).

Out of the box, FilmForge currently has the following features:

Future Functionality

In the future, we hope to implement some or all of the following features (to be prioritized):


A demo of the out-of-the-box FilmForge package is live at http://filmforge.koumbit.net.

Get Involved

You can get involved in FilmForge development by:


Once the core functionality and theming is all working well, you will be able to download and install FilmForge as a preconfigured Drupal package. It will be available either at a Drupal.org page, at sourceforge.net, koumbit.net, as a .bittorrent file, and/or in SVN repository.


If you want to know more about who has worked on FilmForge so far, check out FilmForge/WhoAreWe.

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