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Drupal installation instructions on Koumbit's AlternC shared hosting service.

The following instructions assume that you have a "HAG" shared hosting account with Koumbit. It does not apply to our Aegir service (managed Drupal hosting, where these steps are automated).

Download Drupal files

Login to your Koumbit account

Decide where you want to store your Drupal

Upload the Drupal tar.gz


Extract the drupal-[version].tar.gz

Prepare the settings.php

Later, during the install process, the Drupal installer will ask that you copy the default.settings.php to settings.php. We can prepare this now, since we are already in the file browser:

This will have copied the default.settings.php to settings.php.


Point your domain name to the drupal-[version] directory

We previously had "/www/testsite.org/", to which the testsite.org domain was pointing to. We now need to point the domain to the directory where Drupal was installed:

It may take up to 15 minutes for the modification to be effective.

Note: you may wonder why we are using a directory called "drupal-6.10", for example, when drupal-6.11 will eventually come out? When a new version of Drupal is released, we recommend that you copy the drupal-6.10 directory to drupal-6.11 (and copy/backup the databases too if necessary), upgrade it, test it (with a sub-domain), then change the configuration of your www.testsite.org.


Note: in the above screenshot, the mlutfy.koumbit.org domain should be read as "testsite.org" :-)

Create mysql user and database

        Username        clientname
        Password        mydbpassword
        SQL Server      mysql.koumbit.net
        Database        clientname_mywebsitedb

Keep these settings for the configuration steps that will be available when you first access to your Drupal website. Also do not forget that the SQL server is mysql.koumbit.net. To change it during the configuration steps, you will have to click on the "advanced settings" tab to display the server field.

Database backups

Dans la liste de répertoire de AlternC, il y a des liens sauvegardes, ceux-ci ne servent pas à faire une copie instantanée mais à faire un sauvegarde automatique et régulière (hebdomadaire ou journalière) d'une base. C'est très pratique pour s'assurer d'avoir une sauvegarde sous la main, parce que les sysadmins ne font pas ce service gratuitement aux clients.

Modify the .htaccess file (important if you have an "Error 500"!)

This step is very dependent on the server on which you are hosted. On some servers this step may not even be necessary. The following instructions apply for Drupal sites hosted on Koumbit.

In other words, in most cases, you just need to uncomment the line "RewriteBase /" in the .htaccess. With Drupal7, you also have to remove the "-Option MultiViews" (this is disabled anyway).

Proceed to the Drupal installation

Advanced instructions

The following instructions are for advanced users only. In fact, I'm not even sure that they still apply.


Install Additional Modules

Voir ModulesDrupal.



Use "GD" instead.

Utiliser "GD".

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