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Thunderbird is the email program of the Mozilla suite. It is a secure and free alternative to Microsoft Outlook (which is famous for it's vulnerabilities to viruses and trojans) and includes a filter against spam and other unwanted messages, a spell-checker, and the option of managing multiple accounts.


This program is available in English, French and many other languages. It is a free an open source program distributed according to the «GNU Public License».

If you are using Debian (and you would very likely know if this were the case), you can find Thunderbird under the name Icedove.

First, create the email accounts in AlternC, if they do not yet exist

This page could be used by anyone who is wondering how to configure Thunderbird to access their email account. However, it was written primarily for clients of Koumbit who use the AlternC interface (accessed via to manage their shared hosting accounts. To create email accounts such as, you must have first paid to purchase the 'domain name' in question (ex. or Once you own the domain name, you need log-in to the account of the domain name registrar (the people you paid to register the domain name, for example and to point it towards Koumbit's 'nameservers' (sometimes referred to as DNS servers). These are,,

Next, log-into your AlternC email account at, and click on 'Add a domain.' In the first 24 or 48 hours, some people and emails won't be able to find your domain.

Once the domain name has been successfully added, click on that domain under the 'Mailboxes' section in the right side-bar and then click 'Add a mailbox on' Check the box for "Is it a POP account?" and choose a password. (Notice that at this step, instead of making an email address that you can access though Thunderbird, you also have the option of creating a redirection so that emails to simply re-direct to any email account, such as your personal email account.)


Here is how you configure Thunderbird for an email account that is configured through one of Koumbit's AlternC hosting accounts.

Congratulations! Thunderbird is now configured to send and receive email for that email address!

Security Configuration

The following steps are strongly recommended to ensure a better confidentiality of data. On some networks, such as Bell, it is an obligatory step.

If you have any problems, please go though the instructions and make sure there isn't a little mistake somewhere. If this doesn't work, or if you have questions, contact

Other things

Change default sorting order

Thunderbird sorts mail by oldest first by defauly. This is annoying for IMAP email accounts. For instructions on how to change the sorting order, see:

"Attach to Icedove" in Konqueror

If by chance you are wondering about this, check our suggestion on the page


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