If you are interested in working for Koumbit, but have not yet been assigned your first contract or job, then this wiki page is for you. The goal of this page is to present you with the information that is most relevant to your situation, in a way that is as accessible and navigable as possible.

Koumbit's model for making decisions, including decisions about granting work to new workers

Many people are unfamiliar with important components of the decision making models that Koumbit uses, particularly consensus-based models of decision making. It is also important to note that Koumbit's decision making models and procedures have been chosen to privilege certain values - it's not only important to understand what Koumbit's rules are for making decisions, it's also important to understand the spirit in which these norms, standards and rules are made. For this reason, we strongly recommend that people interested in working for Koumbit make sure that they have at least some familiarity with consensus-based models of decision making, as oulined on the page ModesDeDécision. Additional details about meeting procedures used by Koumbit are outlined on the page ProcéduresRéunion.

General information about Koumbit

To get to know Koumbit, it is recommended to not only look at, but also to read some of the documentation available in this wiki, such as the general information at ConnaîtreKoumbit and information about les services offerts.

Founding Principles: If you have already become a member of Koumbit, then you have been asked to sign-on to these founding principles. At risk of being repetitive, we mention them here because they are so very important to Koumbit; it is recommended that they be given considerable and focussed attention by anyone potentially interested in working for Koumbit.

GuideDuNouveauTravailleur: A fairly extensive and mostly practical guide for those who have recently been granted their first mandate to work at Koumbit

DroitsEtDevoirsDesTravailleurs: An extensive and detailed list of policies (including the current hourly rate of pay)

RessourcesHumaines: More information about norms and conditions of work at Koumbit

ParEcon: Participatory Economics, or ParEcon, is a among the founding principles of Koumbit. This wiki page offers more information about this rather complex model that is so important to Koumbit

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